Hit Parade POP Vinyl Spider-Man Edition

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Hit Parade POP Vinyl Spider-Man Edition

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Is your POP Vinyl spidy sense tingling? Then you might be ready for the new Hit Parade Spider-Man POP Vinyl edition! This 50-box series features 1 Spider-Man or Spider-Man Villian Funko POP per box! From comics to video games to the newest movie releases Spider-Man has many different looks and appearances. You will find pops from: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, POP! Marvel, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios & MORE! Look for these amazing autographed Spider-Man POPs:

- Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Spider-Man Autographed by Tom Holland - Est. Value $700
- Marvel Venom Funko POP Autographed by Tom Hardy - Est. Value $600
- Marvel Universe Spider-Man Funko POP Autographed by Drake Bell - Est. Value $200
- The Amazing Spider-Man Electro Glow in the Dark Funko POP Autographed by Jamie Foxx - Est. Value $175
- Marvel Spider-Man Funko POP Autographed by Jake Johnson - Est. Value $150

This series features Spider-Man and his Villians including: Spider-Man Black Light S.E. Miles Morales, Mysterio, MJ, Iron Spider, Molten Man, Scream Symbiote, Sandman, Carnage, Six Arm Spider-Man, Spider-Man Upgraded Suit AND MORE!