What is a break?
Breaks are a way to get cards from a sealed box without having to purchase the full box. Breaks are done in many different varieties. The idea is a lower cost solution to possibly hit that next big card. Depending on the TYPE of break there will be a set amount of spots to enter, each spot will have a price, that will correspond with a PYT (Pick Your Team), Random teams or a guaranteed card from the box. The break is run through random.org and depending on the type it will provide the players with their teams or the spot in which they get to pick their cards.
How to join a break or buy a personal?
The easiest way to follow what featured breaks we are doing that day just click on the BREAKS tab and you will see a list of what we have available to break that day. By clicking the break you’d want you can pick a spot and checkout. With Nite Breaks we ALWAYS give multiple spot discounts, so anytime you add multiple spots to the cart a discount will automatically be applied. The same thing goes for personals, just click on the PERSONALS tab and you can add to the cart. NOTE, if you want to earn NITE BUCKS you MUST be logged into your account during checkout.
What is The Nite Crew?
The Nite Crew is our way to give back to our players. We have designed a system which allows for people who buy into breaks or personals the chance to earn NITE BUCKS. The Nite Bucks can be used towards future boxes or merchandise. To EARN Nite Bucks you MUST be signed into your account during purchase.
What are Nite Bucks and How Can You Redeem?
Nite Bucks are our way of rewarding our loyal customers, the way it will work will be on a point system. For every $1 you spend you get 2 points which is equivalent to 2% back. You MUST be logged into your account at time of break or personal purchase to accrue points. We feel that it is not only important to have low prices but to give back to the people that keep Nite breaks going.
  • Earn Nite Bucks by purchasing any break, personal or merchandise
  • Earn 2 Nite Bucks for every dollar spent on our site
  • Nite Bucks are worth 2% cash back (2 Nite Bucks equal 2 cents)
  • Nite Bucks are usable on any item offered on the site
  • Nite Breaks earned from purchases are automatically added to your account upon check out
  • Points DO NOT expire
What are the different TYPE of breaks?
PYT (Pick Your Team) - the first type you may see is a PYT or Pick your own team, what this type of break will let you do is pick 1 team that you want for that given sport and then on top of that you will get a set number of RANDOM teams as well. Those teams will correspond to the cards pulled, and you will receive all cards pulled from those teams.
Random Team Style - this is a NITE & DAY SPORTS CARDS staple, this is the break we most often run as it is the most fair system to use. So this would be an example of how each of the big 3 sports would work….
MLB (30 Teams) - 10 spots in the break with each spot getting 3 RANDOM teams from random.org
NBA (30 Teams) - 10 spots in the break with each spot getting 3 RANDOM teams from random.org
NFL (32 Teams) - 8 spots in the break with each spot getting 4 RANDOM team from random.org
Divisional Breaks - This break applies to NFL and sometimes MLB & NBA, this break will have each spot in the break get 1 division in the respective sport. So NFL would be an 8 spot break with 8 divisions to randomize. MLB & NBA would be a 6 spot break with 6 divisions to randomize for both sports.
Tiered Team Break - this method is not commonly used by us but if enough people want it we will do it. It applies for NBA only and it basically allows every player in the break to receive 1 “good” team. So the way it is run is I have a preset list of 3 TIERS, when I run the randomizer I do it in TIER increments. I will start with TIER 1 teams and then run TIER 2 and TIER 3. So each person would receive 3 total teams with 1 team having a chance to hit one of the better cards.
Hit Draft - this is our SECOND most popular break. This style is for boxes that have a low amount of cards normally. If a box let’s say has 5 autographs we will run a HIT DRAFT, this means each spot in the break WILL receive a card guaranteed. So there would be 5 spots in the break, then we randomize the names to see what order each person picks the card. I will then open the box and reveal all 5 cards, after that the person who has 1st pick will choose which card he/she would like. This continues until the 5 cards are chosen. NOTE, some boxes say they have 6 or 8 cards (National Treasure or Immaculate) and a lot of time they will have 1 extra. If this is the case then the player who received LAST PICK will get BOTH cards to end the break.
Hit Draft (Snake Style) - this is setup the same way as a regular hit draft but it will be with a box that has over 10 cards and will be giving each spot 2 cards. The example I use is, Panini XR Football hobby it contains 14 cards so the hit draft will be setup with 7 spots each spot getting 2 cards. The variation is the picking order goes 1-7 then 7-1 just like a snake draft for fantasy sports. This allows people who got last pick to get back to back choices.
Personals (Persys or Percy Harvins) - Every box that we offer will also have an available option to rip personally this means you buy it and we rip it live or we can ship it to you sealed. All cards ripped will be shipped unless otherwise instructed by buyer.
College Team or Non Athlete Cards?
Any college products or cards pulled in our breaks will ALWAYS be shipped to their current team. If the player is retired or a free agent, it will go to the team they spent the MOST years of their career with. If they played for multiple teams for the same amount of time, the number of games played for each will decide what team it goes to. If the player was never drafted and has no current team it will be randomized to all people in the Break. If the card is a coach and he is designated as a player on the card, not a coach, if will go to the team they PLAYED on during their career. If they did not PLAY for a team, it will go to the team they coached for.
What if a card has MULTIPLE players on it?
Some products have cards with multiple players or teams. We random these to the corresponding people who have those teams using Random.org. If a person has more than 50% of the card (2 out of 3 teams or 3 out of 5 teams), they win the card by majority.
What if I have lost or missing cards?
At Nite & Day Sports Cards we go through over 10,000 cards a week and we take our time to make sure that ALL cards are sorted properly. On the live you will see us top load and sleeve cards right on screen along with a sticky note showing the name or break on it. We aren’t perfect but we stand by our sorting and our shipping methods. IF you have a problem or believe you are missing cards message us and we will get it fixed right away.
After a break or personal how long does it take to ship cards out?
Please refer to our SHIPPING POLICY portion of the website for all info regarding shipping.