About Us

Nite & Days Sports Cards started as a fun way to waste a few nights a week during COVID to rip some cheap retail boxes. We started off slow with 2-5 viewers a night, we would have maybe 6-8 blasters on the live for people to rip. This quickly changed, every night I was selling out and people were asking for more. I started getting some bigger hobby boxes, that turned into moving out of my guest room and into a bigger space. THIS is where NITE BREAKS was born and Nicky Hot Hands got his true start. At this point I knew I needed help, so I pitched an idea to my good buddy in Cali. He accepted and became a business partner that we all know as MIKEY MOUSE. From 6-8 boxes a night months ago, it has turned into 5-7 hour live breaks 7 days a week on IG. We had a plan to open a brick and mortar shop within 2 years, well it only took 11 months. We are very happy to have switched out branding from NITE BREAKS to Nite & Days Sports Cards and Collectibles. Our following has been with us since day one and we will never forget the people who got us to where we are today. We have coined a lot of phrases throughout these few past months, we are now the home of OHHHHH BABYYYY!!! We strive to be the best breakers in a VERY crowded market, we stand by our principles and we will make sure that OUR fellow Nite Crew are pulling FIRE for years to come!